#PermissionTweets SATIRE: NOT THREATS

These are my #PermissionDay and #NeedYourPermission Tweets.  They were in response to a call for #ProChoice women to tweet, call, fax, Facebook post, email and otherwise communicate with their AntiChoice elected officials to make a point about them not trusting women to make decisions about our own bodies, health and reproductive freedoms.

A law student in TX saw one of the tweets below, and amazing as it sounds, she considered it to be a threat. I guess she never learned what SATIRE is. Note to #TX voters – this is only one danger of refusing to teach critical thinking skills to students.

So, on July 26, 2013, I received an email from Twitter’s legal department informing me that @TXDPS had subpoenaed them for my tweets for two days in July of 2013 and that they were investigating me for having allegedly made a “terroristic threat”. 

It is disturbing enough that anyone would consider ANY of the tweets below to be a threat of any kind, but for a law student to think so is particularly disappointing. In addition to her inability to recognize satire, her Twitter page reveals her to be a rabid antichoice activist. I had blocked her on Twitter several weeks prior for her ignorant tweets full of junk science and untrue anti-choice propaganda.

What is extremely disturbing and unacceptable is that someone at TX DPS actually went ahead and issued a subpoena for my tweets based on one of my tweets below being reported to them. The TX DPS says reports to them will be analyzed. I do wonder who analyzed this report. 

This is not about me; the way the TX “terroristic threat” statute is written, this can happen to you too. And you don’t even need to live in TX. The other tweeter (he RTd the tweet in question) listed on the subpoena, lives in NY, though I do not know him.

More background on #NeedYourPermission: ‘Need Your Permission’ Goes Nationwide with the help of UniteWomen.org: ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! http://samuel-warde.com/2013/07/need-your-permission-goes-nationwide-with-the-help-of-unitewomen-org-one-person-can-make-a-difference/

See if you can guess which tweet below is the one that was labeled a “terroristic threat”

Also, RT these at your own risk; the way the TX “terrorist threat” statute is written, you may be accused by TX DPS of making a terroristic threat if you RT some of these.

Here is the best article written about my recent ordeal with TX DPS having subpoenaed my tweets: Why did a DPS officer with a political agenda get away with harassing @deniseromano

These tweets may not be RTd or republished without attribution to Denise A. Romano. Thank you. 
Just to be VERY clear: NONE of these tweets are threats or are intended to be threats. Sorry about the spacing; I don’t know how to fix it.

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we refer to you as #AmericanTaliban or just as Misogynistic Bastards? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Shd subservient women whose husbands insist they have #Abortions obey them or u? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Do you want your obituaries to say “Evil Misogynist” or “Astounding Moron” ? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Shd we legalize #Gay marriage in #TX & #OH today or tmrw to prevent #abortion? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we assume you’re incredibly fucking stupid or incredibly fucking evil? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Did you think #TheHandMaidsTale was an instruction manual or are you just evil? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we teach you why you’re the #AmericanTaliban today or in federal court? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we ban #Christianity from all legislation today or tomorrow? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should all penises be registered with the #GOP today or tomorrow? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should men have to wear 3 or 4 condoms during sex to prevent #Abortion? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we execute Perry by lethal injection or stoning for all he’s killed? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Shd we mandate life-sentences for all #Rapists now or tmrw to prevent abortion? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we mandate chastity cages for all penises to prevent abortion now or tmrw? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we mandate all #antiChoicers adopt foster kids today or tomorrow? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we mass produce #MagicRapeKits today or tomorrow for all women? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we explain to #Laubenberg how #RapeKits work today or tomorrow ? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we guess that you were traumatized by a clitoris or just by the labia? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should #TX #NC & #OH be declared #BlowJobFreeZones today or tomorrow ? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we arrest Dewhurst for the #Timestamp #Fraud today or tomorrow ? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we stop the #DeathPenalty all over the US today or tomorrow #Stand4Life? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we get a full or only half tax deduction for zygotes, blastocysts & feti? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we video yr masturbation habits daily or hourly to ensure u kill no sperm? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Do you want to go to the 9th circle of hell or just the 7th? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Do you want the waitstaff to spit or pee in your food at every restaurant? #NeedYourPermission 
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Do you want to be remembered as #Misogynists or just #HeManWimminHaters? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we arrest you for practicing medicine w/o a license today or tmrw? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should #Vitter be hung or stoned to death for his #Adultery? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we have anal probes or penile probes before prescribing #Viagra? #NeedYourPermission

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should #Gingrich be hung or stoned to death for his #Adultery ? #NeedYourPermission
.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we stone or electrocute #Santorum for his wife’s life-saving #abortion? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we stone or electrocute all the #GOP men who’ve committed adultery? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Can I tell ppl now or later that yr doing this bc u never want a blowjob again? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we spend $ to upgrade #Abortion clinics or defend unconstitutional laws? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should men blame you for making it harder for them to get laid today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we arrest the #GOP protesters who disrupt the gallery or only the #Dems? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Since #Obamacare prevents #Abortion, should we implement it NOW or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we bring you each 6,000 foster kids to adopt today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Shall we review the #RoeVWade decision today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay #Constitution #CTL

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I teach you about the separation of church & state today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I tell the truth about Perry being gay to everyone today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should we register all women as #DEM voters today or tomorrow? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should all women declare themselves lesbians now or AFTER you pass bullshit laws? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I ask FBI or US AG to arrest you for practicing medicine w/o a license? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should women castrate their #AntiChoice men in their sleep slowly or quickly? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I drink scotch or a martini to celebrate the downfall of the #GOP? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I incorporate my #Vagina as an SCorp or a DBA for you to leave it alone? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I donate to @PPact weekly or monthly until you stop your bullshit? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I use a clean or rusty knife to castrate my #antiChoice man in his sleep? #PermissionDay

RT @MariaLiaCalvo @deniseromano Where do we send our Tampons for #AmericanTaliban Inspection .@DavidHDewhurst .@GovernorPerry

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I throw a small or huge party to celebrate you turning #TX & #OH BLUE? #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should women everywhere refuse sex & blowjobs to #AntiChoice men? #PermissionDay #HellYes! #GOP

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I refuse to have sex with all idiot men who are anti-#Choice? #YES!!!!! #PermissionDay

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I buy a #GUN so I can #STANDMYGROUND when you probe me? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I dye my hair or let it go grey naturally? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I use a tampon or a maxi paid for my period? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I have guests arrive at 7pm or 8pm tonight for fireworks? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I floss before or after I brush my teeth? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

.@GovernorPerry @DavidHDewhurst @JohnKasich Should I wear a bikini or a one-piece bathing suit today? #PermissionDay #StandWithWendy

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