About Me

My name is Denise. I don’t always have the physical energy to engage or reply.

I have a respiratory condition that interferes with my ability to breathe and speak. It is extremely difficult & often impossible for me to speak on the phone. I’ve had this condition since 1994. There are other aspects of my health that I keep private.

My disabilities can be challenging, and social media provides news & opportunity for political action. I mostly RT things, but when I have energy, I sometimes tweet satire or other stuff. I often repost tweets bc of low energy.  I used to have a friend post my tweets for me to limit my typing, but now I just tweet less.

Please do not ask me personal questions about my health even if you think you have ideas that will help me. If you’re not a medical professional who has reviewed my entire medical history & is examining me in person, such discussions are a waste of my energy.

 &  are constitutionally-protected rights of all women in the US.

ERA- enthusiast.

I’m a progressive, feminist, whistleblower, author, Emotional Intelligence & NVC enthusiast, sound conflict resolution enthusiast & workplace expert. I’m also a Buddhist-flavored Agnostic Unitarian Universalist & a spoonie.

My book published by McGraw Hill is: The HR Toolkit: An Indispensable Resource for Being a Credible Activist. I am a former Human Resources executive and was a delegate at the annual International Emotional Intelligence Conference.

I earned an EdM in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Organizational Psychology, both from Columbia University. The foundations of these degrees were in issues of Identity: race, gender, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, age, color, etc.

I’m proud to have been associate producer of the film, The David Dance: written, directed by and starring my dear friend, Don Scime.

I was lucky to have the most ethical and excellent lawyers in the world when I was a whistleblower. 

Here is the best article written (by ) about my ordeal with TX DPS having subpoenaed my tweets. I was very lucky that @MichelleKostun, a lawyer in  Austin, TX, represented me to deal with this terrifying ordeal.

In my experience, most US workplaces are in serious, willful violation of ADA & EEO laws. I say this as a workplace expert, former Human Resources executive, and as a person with disabilities who has seen how the ADA is routinely ignored without consequence.

The EEOC & state Human Rights divisions are underfunded and understaffed; backlogs mean you won’t get any action until well after you complain and experience unlawful retaliation. You have to be able to afford an attorney to fight back. Most attorneys will not take cases on contingency because these cases don’t yield much. When there are settlements, part goes to attorneys and the rest can be taxed. What complainants do NOT get is their jobs. Most people who make legitimate EEO complaints lose their jobs. Guess who keeps their jobs? – the harassers and those in leadership positions who allowed harassment or retaliation to exist or who sanctioned it.

I studied for two years with Allen Ginsberg at Naropa in Boulder, CO where I earned an MFA in Writing and Poetics and performed in various performance art, dance and poetry pieces. I also studied ballet, modern, jazz and African dance as an undergraduate. 

Actively Anti-Racist since age 12: For those who want to actively unlearn , the offers a very good start:

How to Be a Strong Ally to People with Marginalized Identities – UUA via

Proud Ex-Catholic since high school.

I don’t see a difference between someone who is sure god doesn’t exist and someone who is sure god does exist. 

I’ve had several readings with mediums that blew me away. 

 Via @nprnews: The ‘Nasty Effect': How Comments Color Comprehension 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Austin, Texas –August, 1, 2013 –

Texas Department of Public Safety Agrees to Withdraw Subpoena Related to Twitter Account

We are pleased to report that we have received confirmation from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) that the Administrative Subpoena seeking information, documents and records related to Denise Romano’s Twitter account (@deniseromano) has been officially withdrawn by DPS, and that the matter concerning Ms. Romano is closed. We are pleased that DPS agreed to our request to withdraw the subpoena, and that we were able to work informally and cooperatively to get this matter resolved without the need for time consuming and costly litigation.

Ms. Romano wishes to express her deeply felt gratitude for the enormous outpouring of support and offers of assistance. Her recent limited internet activity was necessary so that we could focus on addressing the subpoena through the appropriate channels. We appreciate your patience while we did so. Now that the subpoena has been withdrawn and the matter closed, we will be able to work to respond to the messages we received.

Communications may be directed to Ms. Romano, at denisedowntown@yahoo.com or her attorney, although regretfully, at this time, Ms. Romano’s health prevents her from being able to participate in telephonic or in person interviews or communications.

We commend Twitter on its commitment to protecting user information and content. Thank you for your continued support.
Ms. Romano’s Attorney:

Michelle M. Kostun

Law Office of Michelle Kostun

700 Lavaca, Suite 1400 Austin, Texas

Tel: (512) 334-6114

Fax: (512) 334-6001 michelle@kostun.com